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Radio Controlled Photo Gallery

RLM to FS595 Colors
RLM to Federal Standard 595 Color Chart. The RLM [German Command] issued a list of specifications on paints to be used on aircraft. The US Govt. has Federal Standard 595 which covers paint. This Chart will provide a cross reference between RLM Colors and FS595 Colors. The general Application is also included as to what and where the paint was to be used.
Jagdgeschwader 9
JG9 is a group of Radio Control Pilots who promote Axis Aircraft (German, Italian, and Japanese). Open to all Axis Aircraft of any scale and Not restricted to Radio Control. We support Mall Shows, Fly-Ins, Static Displays, and preserve history thru Demos at various RC Events. Further Information please contact Delbert Leisure, Jr. or visit the Great Turkey Shoot web page

Pica FW190D-9 Conversion to TA152H
Pica FW190D9 can be converted to a Giant Scale TA152H with a few changes. Here a Article complete with Photos to help you convert a D9 (65 in) to a TA152 (82 3/4 In).
Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four

Scratch Built Ju 88
Part One - Part Two

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