Opening Header Article by Delbert Leisure, Jr, Anderson, Indiana

Part II

    Add some panels, some paint, and a few details here and there. Yep, its painted directly on the wood with polyurethane. The wing mounts have not been made yet. The horizontal Stab, rudder, Bomb bays, gears, and control surfaces not yet finished. The KG 3 Emblem is the wrong color. Pilot station removed and set aside.
    Yep it has Blue foam wing tips which seem to work real well. A few panels was not added yet where I was going to add things. Painted a few more things in my spare time.
    Worked on the wings. Got the trailing edges on, flaps, gear, engines and Ailerons mounted. Mounted the wings to the body. I wasn't happy with the mounting Idea, so I changed it to a Fiberglass tube and 2 bolts setup in each wing. The body was light at about 5 Lbs. The wings was heavy at about 8 Lbs each.
    Installed the radio gear and check for a initial balance of the plane. I had no idea where it would balance at. I started at the front of the very tip of the wing. It was real nose heavy which gave me a little to play with.
    The front bomb bay holds the electric's and the wing mounting setup. the rear servo compartment has a hinged door to allow access to the controls. Manually opens to get access to mount the wings and plug in the radio gear.

    I made fiberglass Cowls out of a small Bucket, 3 layers of glass. I added the engine ducts on the nacelle. I added the fiberglass tubes to hold the wings on in the front bombay and fiberglassed the wing stubs on the body.



The Second flight we took it to Camden SC and flew it for some friends who we have been in contact with over the Internet, and at "Great Turkey Shoots" over the years. It truely is Impressive to see in the air.     The JU88A-4 of 3./KG3 "5K+DL" was truely...
The Star of the South...



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