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Pica FW190D-9 Conversion to TA152H
Article by Delbert Leisure Jr

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Conversion of the Pica FW190D9 to a TA152H

Conversion to a TA152H can be done fairly easy using a D9 Kit. Its best done before building the D9 kit. If you have built the Kit then its going to be a little harder to do. Basically the Wings need to be extended and re shaped. The Supercharger needs to be redone and reshaped. The Vertical Stab has to be Extended and reshaped.
For this Article we are going to Convert this D9 shown at the left A finished kit. First of all we need to get the Scale sizes defined.

Full Scale FW190D-9

Scale: 1:1
Wingspan:34 Ft 5 1/2 in
Length: 33 Ft 5 1/4 in

Pica FW190D9 R/C 

Scale: 1: 6.8
Wingspan: 65 In
Length:  58 1/2 In

Full Scale TA152H

Scale:  1:1
Wingspan:47 Ft 6 3/4 in
Length: 35 Ft 5 1/4 In

Conversion TA152H

Scale:  1:7
Wingspan: 80 3/4 In
Length:   60 In

The Wings

I wanted to update the old Wings by adding a few  features. I deiced to replace the entire wing on the New TA152H. Structurally its hard to just add a few inches on the Tips of a existing wing. The difference in the two wings is 15 3/4 in. So we need to add 7 5/8 in to each Tip. I traced the Tip of the old wing on a piece of typing paper, lay it on the existing tip, and laid down a bed of Wax Paper. Need to protect those plans.

I didn't have no Ribs for the second wing, so a Friend who had a kit sent me a copy of the Rib pattern and I made a new set of Ribs. Layout the Spars, leading Edge, and trailing edge,
on the Plan. Align them straight, don't forget to extend the Tip to the new tip drawn on the paper template. The first 11 ribs will be right from the Kit ribs. W12 thru W15 you will have to make them. Tack the Ribs to the Spar.
Make a cardboard template of W-11 the outer most rib. I elected to space the Tip Ribs at 2 in spacing. Move W12 out 2 in, trim the front and the rear of the rib to meet the template. Lay the template of the rib on 3/32 Balsa and make 2 copies of the rib, one for the Left, one for the right wing. Draw a copy of the template with the other ribs in your files and save for another day. You might have to sand the rib a tad bit because templates tend to be a tad bit big.
Repeat the same thing as Rib 12 for the other ribs.
Template of W12 to make W13, template of W13 for W14, and W14 for W15. 2 in spacing for each rib, trim the front and rear, make 2 copies, and save a copy of the template for later use.
Sand the ribs down for a good fit.
Align them on the paper, tack them in place.
The new Wing tip will be 2 in wide, so the last rib will be located 2 in from the tip.

Add the top spar, leading edge, and trailing edge.
Take a spar of the other wing and lay it on the existing wing. Mark on it the locations of the spars and built the other half of the wing. We want a left and right wing, not two left wings. lay the ribs out backwards and don't put the center section W1 rib in yet and allow for it by over hanging the spars, leading and trailing edges to allow adding W1 later on. The trailing edge of the wing is going to be modified for Flaps so we'll cover it in the next segment.

Asst. Editor/Modelling Resource Center: Delbert Leisure, Jr.

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