Frequently Asked Questions

This section is will be used to help answer your questions. Please read through the questions and answers before contacting us. Thank you.

Q: Do you know where I can get a complete set of plans or drawings for (insert type) aircraft?
A: Unfortunately we only know of one company providing drawings for aircraft and they cover primarily Spitfire, Hurricane, Lancaster & Manuals though more drawings and types are being added. They can be reached at www.warbirdsrestoration.com.

Q: Can you help me find out more information about my relative who was shot down on some date while flying aircraft Europe?
A: As much as we would like to help this site and it's sub-sites are primarily devoted to the technical aspects of aircraft and we do not maintain any archives about aircrew or other personel, the exception being the Ace sections.

Q: How can I post images to the discussion groups?
A: The easiest way is to post them on Web Shots and link the image in your message. Mike Henniger has created a tutorial on how to do it. Thanks Mike.

Signing Up
Step 1: Go to... www.webshots.com
Step 2: In the upper-right corner click on "SIGN-UP".
Step 3: Fill out the form then click "Join Webshots Free!"
Step 4: Don't forget your user name and password. You will need them again (see below).

The Assistant
*Note: This is not necessary, but I have found the assistant very useful for creating and editing albums.
Step 1: Go to... http://community.webshots.com/html/coclient.html
Step 2: Click on "Download the MyPhotos Assistant now!".
Step 3: Install the program.
Step 4: Ensure you are connected to the internet the run the executable (you will need your user name an password from setting-up your account).
Creating An Album: "Click" on the Create button on the top right. Choose "Hobbies and Interests: Airplanes" (this is the WIX after all). Give your album a title and description. Ensure access is checked as public so everyone from WIX can see it.
Populating An Album: Choose your album in the top center of the screen. Click on "Add Photos" in the bottom left. Using the pop-up window select the photos you want to add. Stand back and watch Webshots upload.

Letting WIX Know You Have Posted
Step 1: Go to... www.webshots.com
Step 2: Click on Login (if not already logged in) then fill out your username and password.
Step 3: Click on "My Photos".
Step 4: Click on "My Public Community Page".
Step 5: Click on the photo album for which you would like to notify WIX is now available.
Step 6: Copy to the clipboard the address in the address bar.
Step 7: Go to WIX on the web and click on "Create New Message".
Step 8: In the posting tell us all about the pictures we are about to view.
Step 9: In the "Option Link URL" past in the address you copied to the clipboard in step 6.
Step 10: Give the address a title in "Link Title".
Step 11: Click "Post Message".

More questions will be added as time permits. Thank you.