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Born: 1923, Kerman, CA

Last Wartime Rank:
  Major (promoted 1945)
– 359th Fighter Group (1943-1945)
— 370th Fighter Squadron
— Commanded 370th.
Theatre(s): ETO
– East Wretham, Norfolk, UK
    22.59 Aerial
    – 1 Me 163, Mar. 15, 1945.
    — Major Wetmore's last kill (one of only
            four downed by 8th AF), shot down
            near Wittenberg, Germany.

    2 Ground
Total Sorties: 142

Dist. Service Cross w. 1 OLC.
Silver Star w. 1 OLC.
Dist. Flying Cross w. 5 OLC.
Air Medal w. 12 OLC.
  Aircraft Flown:
– P-47
– P-51B
– P-51D-10-NA 44-14733 CS*L
    "Daddy's Girl" (1944 - 45)

Fatally injured in Flying Accident (F-84) at Otis AFB, MA, Feb. 14, 1951.

Warbird Report:
P-51 Mustang, SN:44-63807 is flown with Major Wetmore's scheme.


Artwork by Rocky Gooch — Profile created by Robert Smith.