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Last Wartime rank: Major

9th FS/49th FG/5th AF/SWPA
O.O., 487th FS/352nd FG/8th AF/ETO
C.O., 328th FS/352nd FG/8th AF/ETO

Theatre(s): SWPA/ETO

February 5, 1919
Greensboro, North Carolina

Killed in Action:
December 25, 1944

2 Air-Damaged (49th FG)

26.83 Air, 5 Strafing in 143 Sorties
(352nd FG only)
(25 Personal Air + 4 Shared Air victories)

Distinguished Service Cross
Silver Star with OLC
Distinguished Flying Cross with 8 OLC
Air Medal with 7 OLC
Purple Heart, Posthumous
Belgian Croix de Guerre, Posthumous

Crew: 487th Fighter Squadron Crew
-Crew Chief: S/Sgt. Lew Lunn
-Asst. C/C: Cpl. J. "Red" McVay
-Arm. Sgt.: M.G. "Moe" Kuhanek

Assigned Combat Aircraft:
P-40E, Sq. #85, "TARHEEL"

P-47D-5-RE, HO*P
SN: 42-8500
"Cripes A'Mighty"

P-51B-10-NA, HO*P
SN: 42-106451
"Cripes A'Mighty 2nd"

P-51D-5-NA, HO*P
SN: 44-13321
"Cripes A'Mighty 3rd"

P-51D-15-NA, PE*P (bar)
SN: 44-14906
"Cripes A'Mighty"

Flew P-40 Warhawks with the 9th FS/49th FG in defense of northern Australia. Seriously injured during a practice interception mission when another a/c collided with Preddy's P-40 and he was sent to USA for recuperation. Later assigned to the 487th FS/352nd FG and became Sq. Operations Officer Mar. 1944. Later promoted to Major and assumed command of the 328th FS. KIA by "friendly fire" on Christmas Day, 1944.


"Had my first real airplane ride today. Hal Foster took me to Danville with him in his little '33 Aeronca.
It took us 30 minutes to make the trip. I see now how great the airplane is.
That trip was the most wonderful experience I ever had.
I must become an aviator." George Preddy, Nov. 13, 1938

"George Preddy was the greatest fighter pilot who ever
squinted through a gunsight; he was the complete fighter
pilot." John C. Meyer

Top Mustang Air Ace - 23.83 air victories in the P-51.
All but 1.5 Me 410 destroyers and 2.5 Ju 88 destroyers were victories against single-engined Bf 109 and Fw 190 fighters.
Six Bf 109 air kills in one sortie of August 6, 1944 plus two or more victories respectively on four other sorties


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