Last Wartime rank:
Lt. Colonel

Ranks & Unit(s):
Enlisted USAAC, Nov. 1939

Commissioned 2/Lt. Air Reserves, July 1940 as Flying Instructor

2/Lt.,33rd Pursuit. Sq./? Pursuit. Gp., Iceland

1/Lt., C.O. 34th Ftr. Sq. (later 487th FS)/352nd Ftr. Gp., USA

Lt. Col., C.O.
487th Ftr. Sq./352nd Ftr. Gp.
X.O., later Dep. C.O. 352nd Ftr. Gp.HQ/8th USAAF/ETO

Col., C.O. 4th FIW/5th USPAF/Korea

Lt. General
C.I.C. Strategic Air Command

April 3, 1919
Forest Hills, L.I., New York

Theatre(s): ETO/Korea

24 Air, 13 Strafing in ? Sorties
352nd FG
(23 Personal Air + 2 Shared Air victories)

2 Air in 31 Sorties
(2 Mig-15's)
4th FIW, Korea

Distingushed Service Cross with 2 Oak Leaf Clusters
Silver Star with OLC
Distinguished Flying Cross with 5 OLC
Air Medal with 15 OLC
Purple Heart
French Croix de Guerre
Belgian Croix de Guerre Belgé

Assigned Combat Aircraft:
HO*M, SN 42-8529

HO*M, SN 42-106471

HO*M, SN 44-14151
"PETIE 2nd"

HO*M, SN 44-15041
"PETIE 3rd"


Flew P-40 Warhawks on defense/convoy patrols with 33rd PS in Iceland.
Assigned to 352nd FG, USA, January 1943. Promoted to Major and C.O. of the 487th FS. Destroyed 352nd FG's first EA, a Bf 109, Nov. 26, 1943. Received his third DSC for Outstanding Leadership on Jan. 1, 1945, Y-29, Asch, Belgium. Seriously injured in a vehicular accident, Belgium, Jan. 9, 1945 and returned to USA. Continued air combat as Commander of the 4th Ftr. Interceptor Group during the advent of the F-86 Sabre, Korean War and destroyed two MiG-15 jets.

Considered one of the most outstanding combat flying leaders. All but one of Meyer's Air Combat victories were against single-engined fighter a/c, including two MiG-15's in Korea - The one exception: An Ar 234B jet bomber on Dec. 31, 1944. The 487th FS, operating with IX TAC at Y-29/Asch, Belgium, were ready and able to defend against Luftwaffe attackers during "Operation Bodenplatte", Jan. 1, 1945 thanks to Meyer's foresight in delaying "New Years Eve" celebrations. Meyer had 12 Mustangs ready for patrol when enemy a/c appeared over the airfield, 11 of the 12 Mustangs shot down 10 Bf 109 + 13 Fw190 fighters against 1 Mustang damaged to "friendly AA fire" in what became known as "The Legend of Y-29" - Meyer scored his 23th & 24th confirmed victories, received his 3rd DSC for leadership and the 487th Ftr. Squadron received the only DUC, usually reserved for Ftr. Groups, awarded to a Ftr. Squadron of the 8th AF. During the Korean War, Meyer directly oversaw the first F-86 vs. MiG-15 air to air combats.