Born: April 30, 1920
Birthplace: Detroit, MI

Rank at Retirement: Lt. Colonel
– 355th Fighter Group
— 354th Fighter Squadron
Theatre(s): ETO
Decoration: SS, DFCx3, AMx4
Victories: 5.5 Aerial
Total Sorties: N/A

Aircraft Flown:
– P-47D, 42-#####
   WR-L/Miss Thunder

– P-51B-7 43-6968
   WR-L/Miss Thunder

Walter Koraleski Jr attended University of Detroit majoring in Aero Engineering before enlisting in Army November, 1941. He was commissioned as Second Lieutenant following graduation from Foster Field flight school in May, 1942. He was assigned to the 50th FG which became 355th FG and sailed with the Group in July, 1943. By the time he reached the ETO he had nearly 600 hours total time. He shot down his first 109 on the Big B Berlin mission March 6, 1944. and his fifth on April 5, 1944 to become the 354FS first ace and the 355th FG's third air ace behind Olson and Stewart. Captain Koraleski, then 354FS Operations Officer, lost an engine on the 15th of April and bailed out over Utrecht following a flak barrage to become a POW.

He stayed in the Air Force after WWII and flew both Mustangs and F-84's with 18th FBW. He was promoted to Lt. Colonel in 1956 and retired from USAF in 1968.

Final score was 5.5 destroyed in the air.


Profile compiled by Bill Marshall - Photo courtesy Bill Marshall