Born: February 23, 1923.
Birthplace: Bloomsburg, PA.

Rank at Retirement: Major
– 355th Fighter Group
— 354th Fighter Squadron
Theatre(s): ETO
– WWII: DFC, AMx11
– 5 Aerial (+1 damaged)
Total Sorties: N/A
Aircraft Flown:
– P-51B-7, 43-6917
   WR-R, Patricia

– P-51D-10, 44-14704
   WR-R, Princess Pat

Charles Hauver joined Army Reserves shortly after Pearl Harbor and received his commission on November 3, 1943. He shipped to England after D-Day and was assigned to 354FS/355FG on July 12, 1944. Hauver flew many missions as wing to 354FS CO Bert Marshall, Jr but did not get his first score until November 26, 1944 when the 355th FG and two flights of 2SF attacked two waves of 75 + JG301 fighters. In the following battle the 355th shot down 26 for one loss of two plus a 2SF Mustang. Hauver scored two Fw 190ís. In the one week period between Christmas Day 1944 and his last mission on December 31st he shot down 2 Fw 190ís and 1 Me 109 plus damaging another to become an ace.

Hauver stayed in the Air Force and during the Korean War he flew with the 18th FBW in F-84ís as a flight leader and Squadron Ops Officer. He retired from the Air Force in 1963 and flew with Air America along with another 355th FG ace Les Minchew.

His final tally was 5 Destroyed plus one damaged in the air and no ground scores.


Profile compiled by Bill Marshall – Photo courtesy Bill Marshall