(Italian surname Americanized to "Gen-tilly")

January 12, 1920
Piqua, Ohio

Last Wartime rank: Captain

4th Fighter Group
– 336th Fighter Squadron

Theatre(s): N/A

23.83 Air
6 Ground

Total Sorties: N/A

Assigned Aircraft:
Spitfire V
SN BL 255



SN: 43-6913
VF*T "Shangri-La"

Distingushed Service Cross, Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, Air Medal, British DFC, Belgian Croix de Guerre Belge, Military Order of Italy, Italian Croce Al Merido Di Guerra, Italian Medaglia D'Argenti Al Valor Militaire

Learned to fly as a teenager and was rejected by the peacetime USAAC.
Enlisted in the RCAF on Sept. 1940. To the American Volunteer's 133 "Eagle" Sq., RAF and had first victory and British DFC, flying the Spitfire V over Dieppe, Aug. 19, 1942. Transferred to the 4th FG when 133 "Eagle" Sq. became the 336th Ftr. Sq., USAAF in Sept. 1942. Scored two Spitfire kills, 4.33 kills in the P-47 Thunderbolt and 15.5 kills in the P-51B Mustang, half of all claims in March 1944. Returned to USA on April 28, 1944 and toured in a Mustang during a fund-raising drive. Later was assigned to Test Flight at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. Left service in April 1946. Re-entered the fewly formed USAF in December 1947. Fatally injured in an air accident on January 20, 1951.


Artwork by Rocky Gooch.