Defeathered Eagles


  Image W1 - Heinkel He 111.

  Image W2 - Heinkel He 111.

  Image W3 - Heinkel He 111.

  Image W4 - Siebel Si 204.

  Image W5 - Messerschmitt Bf 110.

  Image W6 - Heinkel He 111H-3.

  Image W7 - Heinkel He 111.

  Image W8 - Bf 109E.

  Image W9 - Fw 200C-3.

  Image W10 - Messerschmitt Bf 109E V3.

  Image W11 - Messerschmitt Bf 109E.

  Image W12 - Messerschmitt Bf 109E1 (Wrk #4851)

  Image W13 - A wrecked Ju-88
Courtesy of Steve Slade.


  Image W14 - A Ju 87 that has seen better days.

  Image W15 - Bf 109E on it's back.

  Image W16 - A belly landed Bf 109F prototype, this image has been tentatively identified by the square supercharger, can anybody confirm this as an Bf 109F?.

  Image W17 - He 111, crash landed.

  Image W18 - Bf 110, crash landed.

  Image W19 - Bf 110, crash landed.

  Image W20 - Bf 110, crash landed.

  Image W21 - It's tough being a Bf 110 pilot.

  Image W22 - A crash landed Ju 88.

  Image W23 - A He 219 with a broken back.

  Image W24 - A He 219 with a broken back.

  Image W25 - A thoroughly trashed Ju 88.

  Image W26 - Junkers Ju 52.

  Image W27 - Fw 190 & Ju 88 in Luftwaffe Graveyard.

  Image W28 - Heinkel He 111.


  Image A1 - Heinkel He 111.

  Image A2 - Heinkel He 111.

  Image A3 - Heinkel He 111. Looks like it suffered an engine fire.

  Image A4 - Junkers Ju 88.

  Image A5 - Junkers Ju 88.

  Image A6 - Messerschmitt Me 410.


  Image A7 - Bf 110 - burned by retreating Luftwaffe ground crews.

  Image A8 - Various Aircraft.

  Image A10 - An Fw 190 and Ju 87.


  Image C1 - Fw 200 Condor.

  Image C2 - Bf 109 F2/Trop flown by Obfw Albert Espenlaub, from 1.JG27.
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  Image C3 - Arado Ar 196.

Most of these images are relatively unidentified. If you know specifics about the images such model type, unit, Werk #, circumstances behind the photo, etc... please feel free to let me know. But please provide reasons for your information such as references or any other evidence to prove you are correct.