SC 1200

Type: General Purpose
Over-all Length: 109.5 in.
Body Length: 75.0 in.
Body Diameter: 25.6 in.
Wall Thickness: 0.45 in.
Tail Thickness: 46.5
Tail Width 26.0 in.
Filling: Trialen
Weight Of Filling: 631 kg.
Total Weight: 1,117 kg.
Charge/Weight Ratio: 57%
Fuzing: (28) B, Extension Cap III

SUSPENSION: A suspension band is placed around the body of the bomb at the center of gravity. Secured to this band is an H-type suspension lug.

Color: Sky blue over-all with a yellow stripe on the tail cone.

CONSTRUCTION: The SC 1,200-kg. bomb is very similar in construction to the SC 1000 series. The body is a drawn steel tube to which has been welded a heavy cast steel nose. The after end of the body is constructed to take a female base plate. There is one transverse fuse pocket located off the suspension lug. A Kopfring is welded to the nose.
The magnesium alloy tail unit is similar to that on the SC 1000 series and is secured to the bomb in the same manner.

All information for this entry were acquired from Army Technical manual TM 9-1985-2/Air Force Technical Order TO 39B-1A-9 GERMAN EXPLOSIVE ORDNANCE (Bombs, Fuzes, Rockets, Land Mines, Grenades & Igniters)

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