Dear Fellow Luftwaffe Enthusiast:
This introductory letter will give you some information about our club in the hope that you will decide to join us. The Luftwaffe Verband is a non-political club dedicated to the study, research and documentation of the European airwar before and during World War II, with a special emphasis on the Luftwaffe. The club is broadbased and includes people interested in all aspects of the Luftwaffe and the European airwar. Interests include historical research, modeling, photograph collecting and interpretation, uniforms, organizational structure, unit emblems, camoflage and markings of aircraft, flying units personalities or just a general overall interest in the subject. Membership is world-wide, open and unrestricted.

The Verband is an interactive networking club with the main purpose being the expansion of the Luftwaffe/European knowledge base through study, research, speculation and verification, and the sharing of information on units, aircraft, markings, clolor schemes, aircraft coding systems, personnel and operations. The advantages of belonging to our club are:

1. A journel printed on an offset press on good quality paper published approximately 4-6 times per year. Articles depend on submissions from members but each journal normally contains photographs, side-view drawings, research documents, and information on personalities, units, aircraft and operations. Also included are book reviews, kit and decal reviews, and any other general interest information.

2. A directory of all club members and their addresses, interests, expertise and willingness to help with information, photos and writing/developing articles. This directory would be updated and sent to all members on a periodic basis.

3. A forum to share thoughts and information with others of similar interests. A vehicle to ask other members to help identify or verify data in photographs, documents, books and other reference sources. For instance, publishing unidentified photos from our collections and asking members to contribute and information they might have related to identifying the unit, aircraft type, camoflage and markings, date, location and personel shown in the photo.

4. A forum to encourage members to help each other out and to share information either directly with other members or through the journal.

5. A forum to present kit, book and decal reviews and to share, trade or sell books, kits, documents, photographs, accessories, research data and other items.

The club officially started on January 1, 1995, and had its first journal sent out that month. We plan on having journals quarterly unless we build up a very large backlog of articles and other material which would allow us to put out a special, expand the size of the newsletter or increase the frequency to six times a year. A priority of the club is to sign up as many members as possible in order to keep expanding the collective knowledge base. With only rough projections of costs to go on, we started the initial membership fee at $30.00. This membership fee will be reviewed in light of actual costs after a year or two of operation to see if it is too high based on the expanded membership. We have the same membership fee for everyone regardless of where they live. For those living overseas and wishing to voluntarily add some money to the membership fee to cover the additional cost of postage, we thank you as it is very welcome and helps cover additional costs. The member ship fee is for surface mail only. However, if you live overseas and want your newsletter sent by airmail, you will have to add $8.00 to your membership dues. For U.S. members, you can simply make out a check to the Luftwaffe Verband. For overseas members, I have explored various options and each has it's strong and weak points. They are:

1. Send a check in U.S. dollars drawn on a U.S. bank (safe, but with a processing/conversion fee).

2. Send an International Money Order in U.S. dollars (safe, but also with a processing fee).

3. Send cash in U.S. dollars (some risk but no fees).

4. Send cash equivalent to U.S. dollas in German DM, French Francs, British Pounds, Italian Lira, Japenese Yen, Australian or Canadian Dollars, or any other major currency using the current exchange rates for U.S. dollars (some risk but no fees).

5. Send your VISA or MASTERCARD number, expiration date, and write a note with your signature authorizing a certain amount of U.S. dollars to be charged (or use the standard club renewal form). The club has the ability to process VISA or MASTERCARD charges directly to the club checking account. This is the safest method.

When joining the club initially, please print and fill out this membership form and return it along with your membership dues.

Of equal importance to recruiting new members is the submission of articles, photos or other data to be included in the journal. This is a networking/interactive membership club where we share information, speculations, photos, drawings, reviews, needs, and other date with each other. Many members do not want a club that relies on one or two individuals to draft all the articles and in turn have the club be a forum for their viewpoints and interests only. We can all contribute something to the club no matter what our interests are and regardless of how small or large the article or other material might be. As an example, we may occasionally have a question concerning a marking, photograph or other piece of data, or run across and interesting bit of information or photograph that we know something about that we could share with others. All contributions are welcome in any form whether on PC diskette (IBM) or in hard copy. The following is a listing of some thoughts you might want to consider when contributing material (any of which can include photos or drawings or you can ask for help in providing these).

1. Articles about any aspect of the Luftwaffe, German allied air forces (Croatian, Hungarian, Finnish, Italian, etc.) or Luftwaffe opponent air forces (U.S., British, French, Russian, etc.).

2. Your viewpoint or speculation on a subject with a request for input from other club members.

3. Photos that you have identified, side-view drawings or other illustrations you are willing to share with others.

4. Unknown photos with any speculative information you care to include. Ask other member for any identifying information such as colors, markings, unit, locationm, date, pilot/crew, etc.

5. Book reviews.

6. Kit or decal reviews.

7. Wants, disposals or requests for information.

8. Model building and/or conversion and correction tips.

9. Information on research sources including names, addresses, file numbers, etc.

10. A biographical profile of yourself including interests and a photo.

This list is not exhaustive and hopefully might give you some ideas. Any drawings or photos you include with your articles will be returned if you specify a return is requested. If you would like to have drawings or photos for your article but do not have what the resources, then please describe or sketch what you are looking for and we will see if someone can help you illustrate your article.

The Verband has an Ethics Commitee that reviews problems between members that they cannot resolve themselves. The committee is vested with the authority to take whatever action it deems appropriate including suspension or termination of membership. Commercial advertising is allowed in the newsletter at the rate of $10 for a quarter page, $20 for a half page, and $35 for a full page (rates per issue). Each member can use a free column inch, with more depending on available space, for wants and disposals. Lengthy member ads in wants and disposals will be charged the commercial rate.

Well, that's about it for this introductory letter. Please join our club and send in your membership form, dues and especially articles and material for the newsletter. Be an active participating member.

Sincerely Yours,
Barry C. Rosch

Luftwaffe Verband
115 Dynasty Drive
Cary, NC 27513, USA

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