Ju86D, E, G, and K: bomber
    Ju 86P: Bomber/Reconnaissance
    Ju 86R: Reconnaissance
Origin: Junkers Flugzeug und Motorenwerke AG
First Flight:
    Ju 86V-1: November 4, 1934
    Ju 86V-5 (bomber prototype): January 1936
    Ju 86D-1: Late 1936
    Ju 86P prototype: February 1940

Ju 86D:
   Model: Junkers Jumo 205C
   Type: 6-cylinder opposed-piston diesels
   Number: Two     Horsepower: 600hp

Ju 86E & G
   Model: BMW 132
   Type: 9-cylinder radials
   Number: Two     Horsepower: 800 or 880hp

Ju 86K:
   Model: Mercury XIX
   Type: 9-cylinder radials
   Number: Two     Horsepower: 905hp

Ju 86P & R:
   Model: Junkers Jumo 207A-1 or 207B-3/V
   Type: turbo-charged opposed-piston diesels
   Number: Two     Horsepower: 1,000hp

Wing span:
    Typical: 22.6m (73 ft. 10 in.)
    Ju 86P: 25.6m (84 ft.)
    Ju 86R: 32m (105 ft.)
    Typical: 17.9m (58 ft. 8½ in.)
    Ju 86G: 17.2m (56 ft. 5 in.)
    Ju 86P, R: 16.46m (54 ft.)
Height: 4.7m (15 ft. 5 in.)
Wing Surface Area: 882.67 sq. ft. (82.00m²)

Empty, Equipped:
    Ju 86E-1: 5,200kg (11,464 lbs.)
    Ju 86R-1: 6,700kg (14,771 lbs.)
Normal, Loaded:
    Ju 86E-1: 8,200kg (18,080 lbs.)
    Ju 86R-1: 11,530kg (25,420 lbs.)

Performance: Normal,Loaded
Maximum Speed:
    Ju 86E-1: 202 mph (325 kph)
    Ju 86R-1: 261 mph (420 kph)
    Ju 86E: 746 miles (1,200 km)
    Ju 86R-1: 980 miles (1,577 km)
Initial climb: Ju 86E: 918 ft/min (280m/min)
Service Ceiling:
    Ju 86E-1: 22,310 ft. (6,800 m)
    Ju 86R-1: 42,650 ft. (13,000 m)
Ju 86D, E, G, K:
Three 7.92mm MG 15 manually aimed from nose, dorsal and retractable ventral positions
Internal Bomb Load of four 551 lb. (250kg) bombs or 16 110lb. (50kg) bombs.

Ju 86P:
Single fixed 7.92mm MG 17 Same bomb load

Ju 86R: None

Variant list:
Ju 86abl: First prototype, bomber configuration. Originally powered by Siemens SAM 9 radials.

Ju 86bal: Second prototype, transport configuration. Originally powered by Jumo 205C diesels.

Ju 86cb: Third prototype, bomber configuration. Later powered by Jumo 205C diesels.

Ju 86V4: Production prototype for commercial Ju 86B.

Ju 86V5: Production prototype for Ju 86A bomber.

Ju 86A-0: 13 pre-production bombers.

Ju 86B-0: 7 pre-production transports.

Ju 86C-1: Six Lufthansa transports with Jumo 205C diesels.

Ju 86E-1: Luftwaffe bombers with BMW 132F radials.

Ju 86E-2: Uprated version of E-1.

Ju 86G-1: 40 aircraft modified from Ju 86E-2s with round, glazed nose.

Ju 86K-1: Export version for Sweden & South Africa.

Ju 86K-2: 66 aircraft built for Hungary.

Ju 86K-4: Built for Sweden (B 3A) with Pegasus III radials.

Ju 86K-5: Built for Sweden (B 3B) with Pegasus XII radials.

Ju 86K-6: Export version for Chile and Portugal.

Ju 86K-13: Swedish built with Pegasus radials.

Ju 86P-1 & P-2: High Altitude reconnaisance. Converted from Ju 86D.

Ju 86R-1 & R-2: As P series but with higher aspect wing.

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