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Luftwaffe Resource Group Suggested Reading

Wings Of The Luftwaffe
By Captain Eric Brown CBE, DSC, ADC, RN
Published By Airlife Publishing Ltd.
ISBN 1 85310 413 2

JG 26-Top Guns Of The Luftwaffe
By Donald L. Caldwell
TYPE: Paperback book

Me 262
Stormbird Rising

By Hugh Morgan
Published By Osprey Aerospace
ISBN 1-85532-408-3

Hunting Warbirds
The Obsessive Quest for the
Lost Aircraft of World War II

By Carl Hoffman
Published By Ballantine Books
ISBN 0-345-43617-2

Messerschmitt Bf 109
The Operational Record

By Jerry Scutts
Published By Airlife
ISBN: 1-85310-557-0

Luftwaffe At War #1
Fighters Over Russia
By Manfred Griehl
Published By Greenhill Books
ISBN 1-85367-270-X

Hitler's Luftwaffe
By Tony Wood & Bill Gunston
Published By Salamander Military Press


This is the single most useful book I have come across while compiling information for this page. It is a delightful book both visually and also technically. I have found few faults with it other than a lack of missle and rocket information. I heartily suggect that anyone looking for information of the Luftwaffe acquire this book.

HORRIDO! Fighter Aces Of The Luftwaffe
By Trevor J. Constable And Col. Raymond F. Toliver
Published By The MacMillan Company, 1968

I found this book to be one of the most fascinating books about Germany's aces that I have read. Although out of print, I recommend searching your local library for it. I understand an updated version has been released and I will most assuredly acquire this book soon.

JG 26-Top Guns Of The Luftwaffe
By Donald L. Caldwell
Published By Orion Books

This book is a fairly interesting book to read. It's gives a perspective to the technology that is sometimes lost when looking only at the machinery and not the men who flew these aircraft into combat. Jg 26 chronicles the exsistance of one of Germany's most successful fighter squadrons. It's coverage is complete although there are some minor inconsistancies with the aircraft described in it. But that is my only critism of this fine book.

FIGHTER: The True Story Of The Battle Of Britain
By Len Deighton
Published By Alfred A. Knoff, Inc. © 1977

I found this book to be very interesting to read. The information on the aircraft, organization, and men involved in the Battle of Britain, while not comprehensive, can certainly be educational.

JV44 - The Galland Circus
By Robert Forsyth with Eddie Creek & Arthur Bentley.

This 356 page book containing 350 photos, 15 colour sections and supporting technical data, an Introduction by the late Gen.Adolf Galland and a Foreword by Gen.Walter Krupinski, is an absolute must for Luftwaffe enthusiasts. With the aid of interviews, documentary and photo contributions from former members, the author follows the history of this unit from its beginnings in February 1945 to its surrender in May 1945.

Published by Classic Publications in the UK it costs approx. $US70.00 + p&p. Any list members interested in obtaining more information about this book can contact Classic by fax/phone at the following numbers (prefixed by your local code for the UK of course), 1892529066 or 111444257070
Review By Dave Wadman

Green Hearts - First in Combat with the Dora 9
by Axel Urbanke
published by Eagle Editions
ISBN 0-9660706-0-7

Image Of The Cover

Hot off the press, this new publication chronicles the complete story of the men and machines serving with III./JG54 and JG26 as they united in defense of the Reich in 1944-45. Consisting of 360 pages, over 250 photographs and including 10 fold out colour profiles the book draws on the day to day combat experiences of the pilots serving with these units. Comprehensive loss lists, personnel lists and maps help complete this fascinating study.

During the late phase of WW2 III./JG54 was the first Luftwaffe unit to be supplied with the new Fw190D-9 "Dora". After training, these D-9's were used in base defense missions for the Me262's serving with Kommando Nowotny as well as against Allied fighters and fighter bombers in the west. The book is spilt into 16 chapters which detail:

- Withdrawal from the Invasion Front in France
- Rest and Refit in Germany
- 9. and 12./JG54 Airfield Cover for Kommando Nowotny
- Training Missions of 10. and 11./JG54
- Defensive Missions in the West by III./JG54
- Operation Bodenplatte
- Defensive Missions in the West by III./JG54
- Operations by Kommando Babenhausen in Rhine-Main Area
- Operations by III./JG54 over Northwestern Germany
- Final Missions as III./JG54
- Defensive Missions in the West as IV./JG26
- Joint Missions with I. and II./JG26 in the West
- Operations by IV./JG26 until disbandment
- Former Pilots of IV./JG26 in service with I. and II./JG26 in the West and East
- The End in Schleswig-Holstein
- Hour Zero

Appendix also cover Loss Lists, Victory Lists, List of Unit Commanders, Staffel Colours and Gruppe Symbols and Copies of Log Book Entries.

Although this book only arrived a couple of days ago, I have flicked from cover to cover and can only say that I am very impressed with what has been produced. The b/w photograph reproduction is excellent, with many new and previously unpublished pictures being included for the first time. Also, the fold out colour plates by Jerry Crandall and Thomas A Tullis give an invaluable insight into late war camouflage and markings.

It never ceases to amaze me that detailed accounts such as this can still be produced even though memories and survivors of this conflict get fewer and fewer as the years pass by. This book should therefore become an invaluable part of any serious Luftwaffe enthusiast.

Review By Peter Evans


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