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BMW 801

A BMW 801D-2 restored by NASM. (c) NASM

BMW 801E.

Information for 801D
Type: Air-cooled 14-cylinder twin-row radial
Horsepower: 1,730 hp at take-off
Displacement: 2,562 cu. in. (42L)
Bore: 6.15 in (156mm)
Stroke: 6.15 in (156mm)
Compression ratio: 7 to 1
Fuel: C 3, 100 Octane
Valve Actuation: Valves operated through rocker arms and push rods from cam rings in front and rear of crankcase.
Valves: One inlet and one exhaust per cylinder.
Valve springs: Three per valve.
Ignition: Dual, two Bosch ZM 14 magneto generators
Spark Plugs: Bosch DW 240 ET 7 or Siemens 35 FU 14 two-electrode 14-mm plugs (two per cylinder)

Power unit(1): 2,960lb (1342kg)
Propeller: 390lb (177kg)
Nose bowl(2): 252lb (114kg)
Cowling(3): 100lb (45kg)
Cooling fan: 20.5lb (9.3kg)

(1) Includes complet engine and mount up to airframe attatchment points, cowling, cooling fan, oil cooler and tank (empty),
    and exhaust manifolds
(2) Includes oil cooler and tank, armor plate, and breather valves; excludes thermostat unit and oil.
(3) Excludes nose bowl