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Type: Heavy Bomber
Origin: Avro
Models: Lancaster I to MR.7
Crew: Seven
First Flight: January 9, 1941
Service Delivery: September 1941
Final Delivery From New: February 2, 1946
Number Produced: 7,377 (430 Canadian built)
    Mark I: 3,425
    Mark II: 300
    Mark III: 3,039

Lancaster Mk. I:
  Model: Rolls-Royce Or Packard Merlin 20 or 22
  Type: 12-Cylinder liquid cooled vee
  Number: Four     Horsepower: 1,460 hp

Lancaster Mk. II Only:
  Model: Bristol Hercules VI
  Type: 14-Cylinder two-row, sleeve-valve radials
  Number: Four     Horsepower: 1,650 hp

Dimensions: Lancaster Mk. I
Wing span: 102 ft. (31.1m)
Length: 69 ft. 4 in. (21.1m)
Height: 19 ft. 7 in. (5.97m)
Wing Surface Area: N/A
  Weights: Lancaster Mk. I
Empty: 36,900 lb. (16,705 kg)
Loaded: 68,000 lb. (30,800 kg)
Overload with 22,000 lb. Bomb:
    70,000 lb. (31,750 kg)

Performance: Lancaster Mk. I
Maximum Speed at 11,500 ft. (3500m):
    287 mph (462 km/h)
Cruising Speed: 210 mph (338 km/h)
Climb to 20,000 ft. (6095m) at max. load:
    41 Minutes
Service Ceiling: 24,500 ft. (7467m)
Range with 14,000 lb. (6350 kg.) bomb load:
    1,660 miles (2675 km)

Nose and dorsal turrets (sometimes also ventral) with two .303 in. Brownings (some including Mk. VII, had Martin dorsal turret with two .50 in. Brownings), tail turret with four .303 in. Brownings.

14,000 lb. (6350 kg.) in 33 ft. (10.06m) bomb bay.
With modification can accept 22,000 lb. (9979 kg.)

    Without a doubt the most famous British four-engined bomber of World War II, the Lancaster was responsible for making 156,000 sorties and dropping 608,612 tons of bombs on Europe. Taking part in every major night raid during the War, the Lancaster was also used for several special raids including sinking the Tirpitz among others. 617 Squadron earned there place in history by using the Lancaster to deliver the Wallis skipping drum bomb, using it to destroy several dams.

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